About Us

As Engineered Cylinder Solution Center, Andalan Fluid Sistem offer long term cylinder reliability with great partnership

PT. Andalan Fluid Sistem is an engineering company specialized in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder which provides a one stop solution in increasing machine efficiency. 

The machine's efficiency is very important and crucial for production development and has become a strong point that differentiate competitors in lowering the cost of production per unit. However, the machine efficiency will gradually reduce as the performance become un-optimal with longer downtime, and the needs to recondition or even change the whole unit of hydraulics or pneumatic parts.

PT. Andalan Fluid Sistem realizes the importance of efficiency and offers a revolutionary service program, covering appropriate recondition and maintenance which help to save costs and increase the machines productivity.

Our “Cylinder Upgrade Program” offers you the benefits of:

1. Cut Cost, Reconditioning your damaged/troubled cylinder to be at use again.
2. Environment Friendly, No need of useless leakage cost.
3. Efficient, Assurance of lower “downtime” cost which usually high and frequent.
4. Effective, we provide full facility for a one stop solution.

In collaboration with our partners, our program is supported with high quality parts, completed with UNIQUE and PRECISE recondition techniques by reconditioning your damaged cylinder and eliminating the leakage to lengthened your machine life span.

Our program will support your cylinder standard without worrying about the brand compatability, types, and utilization. Therefore the uniformity of our design will ease the spare parts stock planning and cost efficiency.

We are not only guarantee our service in reconditioning but in increasing the machine efficiency as well.

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